Ray Hurley

Prints Inspired
by Nostalgia
and Ireland.

Client Location:

Dublin, Ireland

Business Type:

Wall Art
and Prints


Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Ecommerce & Digital Marketing

This project was launched in May 2021 as a passion project by our own Ray Hurley. Ray's work is based on his love of illustration, Ireland and all things nostalgia.

The Challenge

The major challenge faced by Ray was the ability to reach a large audience in a very saturated market as a start-up. At the beginning of 2021 Ireland was in the midst of a third lockdown. Each lockdown had seen more and more similar passive income print business pop-up. This created a perfect storm of increased competition and higher PPC (pay per click) advertising costs.

The goal was to raise brand awareness, run a efficient PPC campaign and have a robust ROI on advertising costs. This would compensate for the initial small organic reach on social channels, drive traffic to the website and increase brand awareness.

Our Approach

Firstly we researched the the competition on a micro level. We studied the best performing websites, social strategies and messaging over a three week period which gave up some crucial data on the best approach. The e-commerce website was build using a mobile first approach as over 95% of competitors traffic was through mobile devices. This would ensure the user experience for the dominant platform was optimised and reduce the bounce rate on the homepage – as this was were we would drive PPC traffic.

The previous data told us that Facebook and Instagram were the dominant platforms for sales conversions on art prints and we compiled two sets of buyer personas. These personas would be used to create three separate ad sets on Facebook and Instagram initially for brand awareness, then leading to direct sales by locking in on your ideal buyer person and complimented by traditional media PR and the building of high authority backlinks for organic search results on Google. The results based a conservative monthly marketing budget exceeded our already high expectations and the ROI was stunning!
web design, wordpress, branding, woocommerce

Project Results

Pay Per Click ROI (Facebook)
0 %
Visitors in 9 Months
Checkout Recovery Sales
0 %

Client Feedback

"This was a lockdown project that I did to pass the time in the evenings and I didn't imagine it would take off the way it did. The ROI based on the Pay Per Click strategy formulated with Opus exceeded even my high expectations. Thanks to my business partner Gareth for technical genius. Now I know how our clients feel 😀"
Ray Hurley
Owner, Ray Hurley (.ie)

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