About Us

We crave a deeper connection with our clients, a connection that transcends position, power and money – a connection from which we can exceed expectations and create something truly special.

We believe that business is personal

If you truely care about a colleague or client – it’s personal.

If you have ever lost sleep over a project – it’s personal.

If you have put in extra hours to help a client – it’s personal.

If you have helped a client achieve their goals – it’s personal

We’re curious by nature and collaborative by design. We understand how important public perception is to any business. Our main objective is to work with people to help bridge the gap between aspirations and tangible results.

About Us

Opus is an award winning brand and digital agency. We help businesses to grow and build enduring relationships with their audiences. Opus was founded by brand strategist Ray Hurley and developer Gareth Barry. College friends, Ray and Gareth have been working together for almost a decade. Together they have worked with an eclectic range of clients including multi-nationals, local SME’s and startups.

Our Approach

We’re curious by nature and collaborative by designWe believe that in order to help our clients it is our responsibility to understand how each organisation works. By knowing the pain points, stakeholder relationships and goals – we are well positioned to formulate creative solutions to solve complex issues. 

What Our Clients Say

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people and organisations to realise their goals. We do this by building meaningful relationships with them. This allows us to understand their challenges and collaboratively bridge the gap between aspirations and tangible results.

Our Values

Build open and honest relationships through communication.

Strong partnerships benefit both parties.

Work is easier when the experience is fun.

Embrace and drive change.

Be clever with time.

Treat everyone the way you would like to be treated.

Create solutions, not road blocks.

Celebrate wins.


Our Capabilities

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