Brand Workshop

Through our Brand Workshop we collaborate and develop the foundation and strategic direction for Brands to help inspire the loyalty of their audience.

brand workshop, branding, brands, digital marketing

A brand is not a logo

brand workshop, branding, brands, digital marketing

A brand is not a product or service

brand workshop, branding, brands, digital marketing

A brand is not an identity

brand workshop, brands, digital, your brand

What is a brand?

A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service or company. It’s a person’s gut feeling because brands are defined by individuals – not by companies or markets.

Your brand is a gut feeling because people are emotional, intuitive beings.

It’s not what you say about your brand, it’s what your audience says!

The purpose of a brand workshop?

Whether you’re a startup that is looking to define your unique identity or a long established company that needs to overhaul their image, participating in a brand workshop will allow you to redefine your businesses objectives and position yourself towards acheiving your goals.

From defining your brand’s digital marketing strategy to agreeing on the structure and functionality of your website, a brand workshop is an ideal catalyst to facilitate collaboration and fast track decision making.

brand workshop, brands, digital, your brand

Advantages of a Brand Workshop

We’re curious by nature collaborative by design. We understand how important branding is for any business, which is why our main objective is to seek out the information that helps you connect with your audience.

+ An opportunity for all stakholders to have a voice.

+ Establish stakeholder buy-in on all levels.

+ Create a detailed profile of customer personas.

+ Review your strengths, weakness, opportunities & threats.

+ Establish brand personality and tone of voice.

+ Establish a clear mission and vision for the brand.

+ Establish a clear set of core values and beliefs.

+ Get leadership in one place to share opinions.

+ Establish brand goals and the KPI’s to measure success.

+ Build the foundation for brand strategy using outputs.

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