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Client Location:

Cork, Ireland

Business Type:

Retail & Online


Brand Workshop, Strategy, Ecommerce Website, Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Packaging & Copywriting

Alchemy5 are a group of four Cork based pharmacies located in Kinsale, Rochestown, Cork City and Bishopstown - with a vision. Their team of beauty experts, giftware specialists and experienced pharmacists combined to create their vision - a fifth store, Alchemy5. They believe in great customer service and the importance of building relationships with their customers.

The Challenge

We were approached by a group of four Cork based pharmacies to create a new online store. The pharmacy group has four stores with four separate brand names. Each stores name was synonymous with its location, so the challenge was creating a new brand that was unique, but could tie into the groups overall story and values. The deliverables requested were a new brand identity, renaming, brand strategy, e-commerce website and packaging.

As the group had no e-commerce presence, we were also tasked with tying in-store inventory system with the website. It was vital that stock levels matched between the retail store and the website. This would involve regular automatic updates using cron jobs linking the online and shop inventories.

Our Approach

Working with the multiple stakeholders, we ran a series of workshops. During these workshop exercises we able to find out about the business, its goals and KPIs from we would measure success. The workshop was used to create a new name (Alchemy5) and establish the company’s mission state, vision statement, values, brand personality, tone of voice and creating detailed buyer personas. All the this information was gathered through the knowledge of each stakeholder and their particular expertise within the business.

The outputs from the workshop we were able to help with the brand messaging and inform the design so it would appeal to the targeted buyer personas. The e-commerce website design was approached through a separate workshop with the sitemap and user-experience at the core of each decision. Under the hood of the website is the performance which was bolstered by cloud hosting ensuring optimal speed, zero downtime and the best in class of security. The development build was also tied into the shops inventory using cron jobs and constant automated data communication between the shop inventory and the websites cloud servers.
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Alchemy5 are a group of four Cork based pharmacies located in Kinsale, Rochestown, Cork City and Bishopstown.