Top 5 Reasons You Need A New Website

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First impressions are everything in business. According to Business Insider the average business person will make up their mind on an interviewee in just seven-seconds. This is based seven key factors including smile, handshake, introduction, speaking clearly, maintaining eye contact, looking smart and sitting down only when invited to do so. Not everyone gets to sit down with a prospective client to sell themselves. Usually potential clients are met through recommendations or increasingly by online searches. Think of your website as a representation of you in an interview situation. Does your site do you justice? Below are the top 5 reasons you need a new website.

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5. Not Mobile Responsive

For the first time in history mobile and tablet internet usage exceeds desktop worldwide. This means more and more people are relying solely on their tablet and mobile devices to search online content. Statistically non responsive websites have a much higher bounce rate (people leaving the site without visiting any other pages) than responsive websites due to the unfriendly nature of the user’s experience. Check out Googles Mobile Website Tool to see if your website is responsive.

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4. Too Sluggish

With the advancement of technology and the resulting reduction in the average attention span it is vital that your website is fast. People expect to view search results immediately and will leave your website if it doesn’t load in around 2-3 seconds. To avoid alienating potential customers your website needs to have excellent hosting and regular maintenance, minimal coding, optimised content and a solid framework from day one.

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3. Not Regularly Updated

A huge turn off to potential clients is a website that is not regularly updated. Obsolete products or services along with outdated content reflects badly on how proactive you are about your website. By not regularly updating your site you are potentially inviting assumptions of laziness or unprofessionalism. The old saying that, “content is King” is even more relevant given the amount of competition there is online and the need to attract visitors to your site. This is done through regular engaging content.

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2. SEO (Low Search Ranking)

Search Engine Optimisation is the configuration of one’s website to fit Google’s ranking criteria in order to rank above your contemporaries. In order to rank highly there is long list of objectives that your website must be able to achieve including the use of minimal clean code, optimised imagery, well thought out UX (user experience) design, relevant content, adherence to visitor analytics, key word research and plenty of patience. If a web agency offers you instant results with your website on page one for a given keyword then they are either full of hot air or they are working in Google!

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1. UX Design (User Experience)

Think of a restaurant or bar that you visited recently. Did you have a good time? Was there something special about your food or was there a nice vibe about the place? If so, then you are most likely going to return and perhaps even recommend the place to your friends. This is the same principal of good UX design. If you offer your websites visitors the most hassle free and pleasant experience possible on your website they will return.

A good user experience allows for easy navigation, speedy page loading, thought out CTA (calls to action), etc. These features make your site easy to use, increasing your traffic and improving sales conversions. Think of your website as an experience, the better the experience the more likely it is to be repeated.

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