Five Reasons Your Website Needs Regular Maintenance

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When a website enquiry is made to us there is two things we give potential clients, one is a quote on the website design and development and secondly we guide them to a suitable Maintenance package. We are regularly asked by clients why is it their website needs regular maintenance and what it entails. In this article we give you the Five Reasons Your Website Needs Regular Maintenance.

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Regular Website Backups

We develop all our custom websites through a CMS (Content Management System) called WordPress. This CMS allow the user the flexibility to change content whenever they choose. Multiple updates to your website results in continuous growth. Taking a daily, weekly or monthly backup of your website means that should a disaster strike and your site goes down for any reason, you can be up and running with same content very quickly. Losing your content and having your website down can be a major money loss for any business. At Opus Creative we provide maintenance packages that provide daily, weekly or monthly backups to cater for your business needs.

Website Maintenance Cork

Website Speed

The average loading speed for a website in 2016 is recommended to be between one to three seconds. Anything above this guideline can potentially effect your websites bounce rate, meaning visitors will leave the landing page without visiting subsequent pages. A combination of regular WordPress updates, plugin updates, using a cache-ing system, image reducing combined with solid development and best practices of design will keep your website running speedily.

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WordPress Updates

WordPress regularly provides updates to its platform for two main reasons. Firstly it improves performance and most importantly it counters any recent security threats that can potentially damage your website. At Opus Creative we recommend regular updates to WordPress to be undertaken once a month at the very least. If these updates are not undertaken your website WILL become vulnerable to attacks from hackers and potentially any sensitive information on your website can be accessed by the wrong people.

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WordPress Plugin Updates

Plugins are programmes that run specific functionality on your website. The can range from contact forms to complex security checks that keep your website from harm. As with WordPress Updates, plugin need to be regularly updated to improve performance and to ensure that your website does not become vulnerable to a cyber attack. If these updates are not regularly undertaken security breeches, faulty functionality and loading speed can be greatly effected.

Website Maintenance Cork

Regular Security Updates and Scans

Regular security updates and scans are a necessary to ensure that your website remains safe from cyber attacks. At Opus Creative we ensure your site remains safe through regular WordPress updates, plugin updates, Malware scanning, SSL support, firewall security, brute force and two step authentication. To find out more specific information regard our security protocols please visit the glossary section of our maintenance packages page.

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