What Is Branding

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Every company has a product or service that it markets—but what are those intangible things that you want your customers to know? What are those things that you can’t physically put in their hand or do for them, but you want them to experience? What is Branding?

These intangible business elements – values, beliefs, philosophies and more – are just as important as the products or services themselves. They define who you are and why you’re different. In a sense, they are your business’s foundation. Through branding, your customers better understand your true identity.

As an extension of your company culture, your brand communicates your company’s core principles, values, approaches and philosophies. It serves as a voice for you when you’re not around. It tells customers who you are, what’s important about your organization and what they can expect from your products and services. Certain brands resonate on an emotional level with customers because these brands communicate a shared system of beliefs and approaches.

Once consumers relate to a brand, it will hold more influence than the competition. Along with the intellect and logic that goes into a buying decision, this emotional connection can better ensure brand loyalty for years to come.


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