Top Five Reasons You Need To Rebrand Your Business

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At a certain point in the life of every business, it is time to evolve, update or simply goes in a different creative direction. In this article we explore the ‘Top five reasons you need to rebrand your business’.

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5. Evolving Brand

As your business evolves, so does your businesses message that you wish to communicate to your existing clients and new target audiences. Communicating new values and practices call for your brand to reflect those principals. As with the recent Google rebranding, the company evolved the logo to work better on mobile devices and to appear more legible than its predecessor. This evolution is mainly driven by new technology demanding it to elvolve.

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4. Dated Design

Unfortunately not every logo design can stand the test of time. Relying on design trends and the ever evolving landscape of new media platforms can make your brand look dated. As with the Manchester United redesign during the naughties, the brand had to become more adaptable. By simplifying the existing design, the new logo was less complicated and more versatile in small to large sizes demanded by the brand on printed and online formats.

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3. Simplifying Your Message

Simplifying your brand accomplishes two major goals. Firstly it reduced the amount of information that the viewer has to process, delivering the message promptly to its audience. Secondly by reducing the logo aesthetics to its base form you are making your brand more memorable. By taking away unnecessary information from the logo, you are making it easier for the audience to take in.

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2. Moving On Up

When a brand wants to target a high-end audience, the best way to communicate this leap is through branding that reflects the higher quality of the product or service. By communicating a high level of quality, the brand most produce one clear message of quality. This is often achieved by stripping out an unnecessary written or visual content. A prime example of this is the Apple brand. Apple’s main brand strategy is to present its high end products in a minimalist format. This reduces the clutter and focuses on the high-end nature of the products.

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1. Launching A New Service/Product

When launching a major new product or service, most successful companies have turned to rebranding. Rebranding gives the company a fresh perspective to a sometimes jaded public opinion. It makes the brand appear new, exciting and appealing. A prime example of this rebrand was US entertainment company WWE. To launch their new family online platform, the company updated the brand considerably. The new brand appears cleaner, less edgy and more family friendly.

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Bonus Point – Company Merger

One of the most practical reasons to rebrand a business is a company merger. Mergers often lend to renaming to combine the best elements of the merging companies. This process is vital in order to show the public the combined benefits of the merger in order to dispel any reservations clients have with the change.

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