Top Five Email Marketing Mistakes

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Email marketing is crucial for every business to connect with their existing client base. This form of marketing is vital to every business to gently remind your clients that you are active and offering goods, services or offers that might be attractive to your client. In this article we explore the ‘Top five email marketing mistakes’.

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5. Responsive Design

A major irritant for most recipients of marketing email is the inability to read the email coherently on a tablet or mobile device. In Ireland alone over thirty percent of all internet users solely use their mobile devices to read their email. It is counter productive to only cater to seventy percent of your audience.

Email Marketing Cork

4. Bad Subject Lines

The subject line of every email is the gateway to a viewer opening or deleting the mail. Having a short, honest and energetic subject line is essential in getting the viewer to read your email. The secret to a good email subject line is summing up the email content honestly in less than fifty words. Being dishonest, off point or too long winded is a sure fire way to make sure the viewer doesn’t read your email.

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3. Not Including A Call To Action

A call to action is a button, telephone number, website address or email address that is designed to give the viewer somewhere after reading your message. By not having an obvious pathway for the viewer to follow, you are essentially not seeking any client interaction. A clear and concise call to action can help you continue the interest peaked by the emails message.

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2. Too Much Text

Having too much text in an email can be off putting to any reader. Due to people’s attention spans being increasingly lessened by the availability of numerous technological distractions, it is vital to deliver you message as quickly as possible. The best way to do this is to give very brief distraction with a link to a more detailed account through a call to action link. Having engaging, short and snappy content allows the viewer to digest the message more effectively.

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1. Ignoring Analytics

A major mistake made by most businesses is ignoring the email analytics that are provided by most email marketing platforms. By finding out what emails are most successful and contrasting them against the least successful, you are giving yourself an excellent indication of what works.

Email Marketing Cork

Bonus Point – Sending Too Many Emails

Sending too many emails is a very quick way to cause your subscribers to abandon you. Getting the frequency of emailing is very important in gaining continued business or referrals. The industry rule of thumb is to email a client once a month. Being consistent with the timing of emails builds more trust with your subscriber and leads to them looking forward to your content.

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