Star Wars: Choose your side!

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Star Wars fever is rising to boiling point, and the folks over at Google have thrown their hat into the ring this week with a very clever spin on your typical day to day Google account. Simply put, it’s the ultimate decision any Star Wars fan would have to make; Light or Dark side? If you sign into your personal account at Google’s Star Wars portal you will be given this very opportunity.  Picking a side brands your dashboard in favour of your chosen faction. A very cool, and neat little touch from Google.

Star Wars

Currently the balance of The Force is in favour of The Dark Side so get on there and help empower The Light Side. Unfortunately, this opportunity is only available on default personal accounts and is not available to Business Account users 🙁

Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theatres this December the 18th. Opus Creative will have a few special gifts for our readers leading up to the release so keep checking back for more Star Wars snippets and news here on Opus Creative.


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