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You might be wondering about our #Web Hosting Packages, what they offer and why you might need them? Well, let’s try and clarify some of your concerns here in this article. First off, we offer three separate packages:

  • Domain Only Package
  • Basic Package
  • Business Package
  • Business + Package


*Please note all packages do not include Domain Name Registration. This is a separate cost depending on the domain type (.com/.ie/.irish/.co.uk ect ect…) and length of subscription. 


Domain Only Package

Depending on your company’s needs, each of these packages offers something different. Our Domain Only Package entitles you to Hosting, two Email accounts and Email based support. If you are developing a small scale website with infrequent content updates then this package might suit your short term needs. However, if you are developing something more complex with us you might want to consider our Basic Package which offers all of the above plus Website Backups, managed updates to WordPress and managed updates to WordPress Core Plugins.


Basic Package

With the Basic Package we take a backup of your Website each month. This backup (a copy of your Website as it currently exists) is held locally on our systems and remotely on cloud servers ensuring your Website content is secured and available at all times. Having a backup of your Website is always good practice and ensures that should something go wrong you have the ability and means to restore your content without fear of loosing it.

We also provide managed updates to the #Wordpress platform and every plugin that the site is using. #Wordpress is the platform content management system that all our websites are built upon. It is one of the industries most intuitive and secure platforms and is regularly updated by it developers to ensure websites using the platform run faster and are less susceptible to malware attacks. Every time #Wordpress releases an update to it’s systems it is recommended that each website makes this update. Failure to regularly update will leave your website running slow and jeopardise your clients experience on the website.

Plugins are essentially separate programmes that run every functional feature on your website i.e. sliders, contact forms, blog, security, etc. When #Wordpress is updated, the developers of these plugins have to update their plugins to integrate with the updated #Wordpress platform. Failure to do so, can cause your website to appear broken, slower or less secure. At Opus Creative we test every update and make sure that everything runs smoothly on your website.


Business Package

Our Business Package improves on the Basic Package in ways that allow for more frequent backups, improved security and greater support. Weekly Website Backups ensure that your content is saved and backed up with greater frequency ensuring that if you’re actively adding content to your Website that it’s being secured and made available for restoration much more often.

As well as Email Support you will also receive one hour of Phone Support a month for times when you wish to speak to us directly regarding an issue or query about your Website Hosting and maintenance. You will also receive several security features that help protect your Website from Spambots and Malware. We perform monthly monitoring ensuring that your Website is running smoothly to accommodate this.


Business + Package

Our Business + Package offers all the content available in our Business Package with added features to improve and fortify your site even further. These features include more frequent backups (daily), more support, SSL installation, Brute Force customisation and 2 Step Authentication.


The Short Version

If you’re setting up a small #Website that you don’t see being content driven then you can avail of our Domain Only Package to successfully get your website off the ground. If however, you are concerned about developing a more content driven website with regular updates to the copy and is substantially larger in size than a basic 3-4 page information based website then we recommend you sign up for the Basic Package to ensure that you have all the features you need to thrive online. Furthermore, if you are investing in an #eCommerce solution with us or are developing a larger than average Website then we highly recommend the Business Package so we can facilitate your needs and help you maintain your Website while providing you with services that help protect and secure your online presence.

Should you need extra privacy and security then we recommend going with our Business + Package to ensure you have more control, more security and more peace of mind with your website.


Things you should know

1) It is extremely important that you acknowledge in the case of the Domain Only Package, Opus Creative is not responsible for the core maintenance and updating of your website once it goes live. All future updates with regards to WordPress (the CMS / Content Management System we use) it’s inherit Plugins and any custom functionality developed in tangent with your project is solely the responsibility of the owner. If you are in a position where you do not want to manage the upkeep of your website personally, or are not sure how to, then we strongly suggest you avail of the Basic Package, Business Package or Business + Package subscriptions and let us take care of these items for you.

2) All Packages exclude Domain Registration. These packages are Hosting and Maintenance exclusive. If you are starting a new project with us, then the first port of call will be to register your Website address, or move an existing address to our services – if you so choose. Costing for this will vary and is project specific.

If you would like to discuss any of the items covered in this article please feel free to email us or call us on +353 (0) 21 242 8689.

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