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Recently there has been an influx of brand new domain extensions on the internet. This gives your business or organisation far more choice when creating a new domain or registering a new url extension. In this article we will give you the breakdown of what this means for you business.

What is a domain extension?

A domain extension is the part of your URL (Uniform Resource Locator) that follows the dot. These domain extensions or TDLs (top-level domains) are usually seen as dot com, dot i.e., dot biz, dot me, etc.

What are these new domain extensions?

Traditionally people have been restricted to conventional domain extensions like .com or .ie. Now a business can use more specific domain extensions that relate to their product or service. There are more than two-hundred new extensions to choose from. So, for example if Cork Cricket Club were looking to target specific market they could use Get in contact with us to see if your business can avail of a specific domain extension.

I could just register dot ie or dot com

This is entirely possible, but as the dot com domain extension has been available for over thirty years meaning that the selection of business domains has been severely depleted due to other companies registering a litany of domain names. It is a similar story with the dot ie domain extension, so the new extensions include a dot irish option that can help your business to be recognised as Irish.

Does Google recognise these new domain extensions?

Yes, Google will rank each new domain extension as they have done with the existing domain extensions.

Why would I change my existing domain to a new domain extension?

The simple answer is not to if your existing domain is successfully ranked. It is recommended that you purchase a new domain if it is specific to your business and not risk another company taking this domain extension that could prove a valuable asset in the future. So, if your company had a generic or common enough name you could risk confusion between your brand and a competitors brand. If your company name was PC Systems (, a competitor could purchase the domain extension systems and have a rival website titled

Can I register a new domain extension with Opus Creative?

Yes, we can research any potential competitors domain extensions and come back with a list of new domain extensions at a highly competitive price.

Can I use my existing domain extension along with a new domain extension?

Yes, you can. This would involve us using the new domain extension as a redirect to your existing website. This means that you can use as many new domain extensions with your existing URL with minimum of fuss.

What are these new domain extensions?

Below is a list of a few of the new domain extensions:


and many more…

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