How Do I Attract New Business Part Two

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In part one of ‘how do I attract new business’, we explored the use of online advertising strategies such as Google Adwords and Facebook. In part two we show you how to gain new clients through your website and the power of email marketing.

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Website Design: The first port of call for most clients considering doing business with your company is your website. In order to convert page views to sales a website has to adhere to the following basic design communication principals:

  1. Logo Design and Branding: It is absolutely essential to have a professional and relevant logo present on your website. The logo should be consistent with your branding across online and print platforms. This consistency is essential in informing a potential client that your business is consistent, professional and most importantly that your brand is memorable. To ensure that these principals are adhered to, every company should have a set of brand guidelines for online and printed materials.
  2. User Experience (UX Design): The objective of every website is to effectively communicate your product or service to a potential client. As technology evolves and information becomes more readily available, your website will invariably come up against more competition. With the average persons attention span diminishing, it is essential to hold their interest. In order to do this, a client has to be engaged through a mixture of engaging content and clever design. You can discover your website engagement through Google Analytics and find out what your bounce rate (people who leave your website on the landing page) is. If it is above 40% you are in serious trouble!
  3. Responsive Web Design: As of April 21st 2015, Google have changed the way they index sites. After this date Google will rank mobile and tablet friendly websites above desktop designed websites on all mobile platforms. This means that if your website isn’t mobile friendly, people who search for your sites keywords will see your mobile friendly competition before you. Google is the dominant search engine with a whopping 93.31% of the market. In Ireland alone, 25.12% of the internet using population use mobile and 10.6% use tablet exclusively to find services (all stats are courtesy of This means that your website could be losing out of 35% of your online target audience to you mobile friendly competition. To find out if your website is responsive click here.
  4. Content: Most companies in Ireland underestimate the importance of website content. They see the content of a website as an after thought that won’t have an impact on how a website performs. This is a common misconception and can be costly mistake while trying to attract new clients. Most people can write, but it is a skill to come up with engaging content. At Opus Creative we have a track record in providing copywriting service that communicate a companies message effectively to potential clients. Imagery is just as important as copy, you could have the best product in the world, but if it does not look attractive on your website then it won’t sell. We can provide top class photography and illustrations to help sell your product or service.
  5. SEO: Search Engine Optimisation is an absolute necessity of a website in order to give your website visibility on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. At Opus Creative we offer keyword research, website split-testing and SEO optimisation for your website. Keyword research is the process of researching the highest searched for terms that are of benefit to your company. We find these keywords and edit your content to maximise your companies visibility in search engine results. Split-testing is the creation of two landing pages for your website and testing them with two halves of your audience. This gives your company hard data on which offers work best. SEO optimisation comes as standard with all of our custom built websites, ensuring that your website indexes and ranks with all the major search engines.


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Email Marketing: One of the most cost effective forms of marketing is email marketing. This method of client interaction allows you to build up a sustained conversation with your clients through carefully planned out campaigns. Similarly to all your marketing material the content here is key. Typically we approach email campaigning with at least four weeks of messages to garner a client’s attention. This begins with forming lists that can be made to specifically tailored to sex, location, loyalty, etc. These lists can be used to micro target potential sales based on a greater level of data.

When the audience is carefully chosen, the message can be decided upon based on thorough research of subject lines, selling points and optimal times to send the ads based on the target audience. At Opus Creative we can ensure that you successfully interact with your clients and convert your mail into sales. All of our campaigns come with in-depth analytics based on each campaign. We can tell you how many times your mail was opened, by who it was opened and if your clients availed of your offer. Opus Creative offers you creative sustained campaigns with exact data results.

For more information on the above online strategies or more custom made online strategies get in contact with us today by calling 021 242 8689 or email In part three of this blog entry we will give you tips on how to attract new business through conventional marketing techniques with a modern twist.


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