How Do I Attract New Business Part Three

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In part two of ‘how do I attract new business’, we explored the use of web design and email marketing. In part two we will show you how effective signage and printed promotional materials can help you gain new clients.

Signage Design

Signage Design: One of the most obvious and effective ways of attracting new business is the use of signage. However the difference between signage that will attract new business and signage that won’t do this is a lot more significant than one would think. At Opus Creative we know how to create memorable signage that works. The main difference between us and other sign-making companies is that we believe that a sign should visually communicate your company. By this we mean that the public should be given just enough information via your signage to physically call into your place of business or find out more information on your website. We believe that every sign should visually tell an interesting story that is only finished by the viewer wanting to investigate the ending. We achieve this through researching your business thoroughly and coming up with innovative design methods to ensure your signage is effective. We specialise in the following signage:

  1. Vehicle Signage: A clever way to maximise your company’s public awareness is to utilise your business’s message visually on a vehicle. This method of signage is ideal if your business is constantly on the go. Provided the message is provocative enough to illicit solid enquires, a mobile sign is a huge advantage for most companies.
  2. Pull Up Banners: A very versatile form of signage, pull up banners can be used in multiple areas. Ideal for exhibitions, show rooms or simply outside your office, pull up banners are fantastic for communicating specific messages on offers or products.
  3. Pull Up Stands/Backdrops: These structures are a necessity for most companies looking to particiapte in trade shows, markets or events. At Opus Creative we believe that your stand needs to be more prominent than your competition. We create enticing designs as well as formulating innovative strategies to attract positive attention to your stand.
  4. Interior Signage: We design and produce multiple formats of signage for interior settings such as offices, recreational buildings, etc. We create memorable promotional signage and also conceive clever functional signage.
  5. Exterior Signage: An essential from of advertising for every company is exterior signage. At Opus Creative we create signage that is specifically crafted to illicit a positive reaction from passing trade. We produce high quality exterior signage and develop effective messages to help attract new business.


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Promotional Material: An effective and subtle way to push your brand awareness amongst potential clients is through promotional material. This method of marketing your brand is designed to subconsciously imprint your business in a client’s psyche. If a person is subjected to constant reminders of your company that create a positive response you are more likely to build a loyalty towards your brand. For example it’s raining outside, your client is on the way to an important meeting and they can’t afford to get soaked. Your company is a hair salon and based in Ireland (rainy climate). In order to preempt such a scenario your company has designed complimentary umbrellas and given them to preferred clients. You have assisted your client and helped create a positive psychological link between your company and the client’s happiness. There are a variety of scenarios that promotion material can help your company attract more business. At Opus Creative we focus your attention on the fine detail that can sometimes be overlooked by a busy environment. We offer our clients a vast array of branded material including:

  • Writing instruments
  • Desk accessories
  • Electrical implements
  • Computer and mobile accessories
  • Bags and travel accessories
  • Executive materials
  • Drinkware
  • Clothing
  • Sports and outdoor accessories
  • Tools
  • Diaries and calendars
  • Eco-friendly materials

For more information on the above online strategies or more custom made online strategies get in contact with us today by calling 021 242 8689 or email In part four of this blog entry we will give you tips on how to attract new business through direct mail and guerrilla advertising.



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