How Do I Attract New Business Part One

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One of the most common questions we are asked by our clients is, “How do I attract new business?”. Over the next four weeks we will be giving you a definitive list of marketing strategies guaranteed to garner your business new clients. For part one we will focus on online advertising.

Online Advertising Strategies:

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Google Adwords: This is a payed service by Google that allows your business to register as a top result for specific keywords. The service works through a business bidding for the keywords they want to use. A specific daily budget is made for each ad, with the business only paying for every click the end user makes or per set amount of page impression the ad makes. Pay per click (ppc) is based on the amount of clicks the viewer makes on your ad. For example the average cost for a click is between €1 – €2, so if your business had a budget of €10 per day that would allow for between 10 to 20 clicks a days. Payed impressions works by having a set amount of views the ad can make per each day. So if your budget allows for thousand impressions a day, a thousand viewers may see the ad, but might not necessarily click on the ad. Google Adwords allows you to target specific demographics according to sex, location, age, etc. This means you can have a very precise campaign to reach your desire target audience.

The most important aspect of Google Adwords is the ability to find your audience through carefully researched keywords and sales message. The beauty of Adwords is that all the activity form the ad can be tracked through Google Analytics, giving you hard data on the success of any particular ad. At Opus Creative we have the expertise and tools to help your business successfully reach your target audience.



Google Adwords Image Ads: This is a similar service to Google Adwords with the added use of images. This service allows your business to be visible across news websites, popular blogs and other niche website throughout the web. Google Adwords Image ads are driven by researched keywords and are based on either a pay per click or payed impressions. The advantages of using image based ads is to help create brand awareness through carefully designed ads that can help you build successful campaigns on Desktop, mobile and tablet. Google Adwords Image ads come in a variety of sizes and can be placed throughout selected websites to ensure maximum exposure.

The major advantage of this form of advertising is the ability to fine tune campaigns to match your client data on a budget that your business can afford. At Opus Creative we can help create powerful visual campaigns based on accurate data.

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Facebook Ads: This is a payed service run by social media giant Facebook. This platform allows any business to advertise on Facebook’s timeline or right of the timeline. This form of advertising is mainly advantageous to the b2c (business to client) sector. Facebook ads can specifically target demographics based on location, age, sex, marital status, income, etc. This refined targeting system is a particular advantage to companies looking to target very specific groups. For example if you were an estate agent that was looking to sell high end housing to a group that could afford the asking price, you could target people living in affluent areas, people with high paid jobs, age demographics that have spending power, etc. All of this targeting data together with an effectively design campaign can see your business greatly benefit from Facebook.

For more information on the above online strategies or more custom made online strategies get in contact with us today by calling 021 242 8689 or email In part two of this blog entry we will give you tips on how to attract new business from your website and take a look at the world of email marketing.


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