How Do I Attract New Business Part Four

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In part three of ‘how do I attract new business’, we explored the use of signage and promotional material. In part two we will show you how guerrilla advertising and direct mail can help you gain new clients.

How do I attract new business


Guerrilla Advertising: This form of advertising is strictly for the more adventurous of companies. Basically guerrilla advertising is a highly strategic form of marketing designed to be a personable and thought provoking. A fantastic example of this method is Irish betting company Paddy Power. Whether you agree with their brash and sometimes crass methods or not, Paddy Power have been very successful in bringing a lot of attention to their brand. Their style of guerrilla advertising is geared towards their aged 18-65 age demographic and often relies heavily on social stereotypes and humorous angles towards popular news stories. The above example pokes fun at the England football teams recent friendly match at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin. The last time England played in Ireland was the infamous Lansdowne Road riot caused by a section of English fans. This ad pokes fun at the hooligan stereotype associated with English fans in a mildly offensive and humorous fashion. This idea garnered international attention from the media, giving Paddy Power a massive amount of publicity on a relatively small budget.

At Opus Creative we thrive on the challenge of creating thought provoking guerrilla advertising on a small budget. As our landscape gets more and more saturated with advertising, people become desensitised by all of the messages. Our aim is to help you create personable and engaging advertising, designed to sell your business and leave the viewer with a memorable experience. Get in contact with us today to find out how we can help your business.

How do I attract new business


Direct Mail: This is a more conventional method of marketing, but still a very effective one. When comparing email marketing results to direct mail there are no comparisons. On average direct mail attracts 80% opens compared to email marketing which attracts 30% opens. This is a massive difference in numbers and can greatly influence the amount of conversions (sales) generated. Direct mail makes more of an impact on the view based on them having to interact with a tangible object as opposed to a digital message. At Opus Creative we offer our clients various direct mail options. We offer a business to business (B2B) service and a business to customer service. Our B2B service allows you to target at specific geographical industry areas or we can simply work off your existing clients address details. Our B2C also allows you to go by area or by specific address.

For more information on the above the above services or any other queries, get in contact with us today by calling 021 242 8689 or email  

Paddy Power photography courtesy of Media Contact.


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