Free Star Wars Poster – Episode Seven

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After months and months of build up, the new Star Wars movie was released in Irish cinemas today. A slightly tired Opus Creative team made our way to the cinema in Ballincollig at twelve midnight. Armed with copious amounts of popcorn, oversized sugary drinks and hearts full of promise, we sat down in the theatre and eagerly awaited the upcoming galactic extravaganza. Without giving away any spoilers we can safely say that the Force Awakens will please die hard fans as well as first time visitors to the Star Wars universe.

To celebrate the Force Awakens and our new favourite character Finn, we salute the movies release with an homage to the humble stormtrooper. Today’s free poster depicts the new First Order uniform that suspiciously looks a bit duck shaped. Perhaps a homage to Lucas’s Howard the Duck 😛 Click on the button below to download your Free Star Wars Poster – Episode Seven.

Free Star Wars Poster - Episode Seven

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