Free Star Wars Poster – Episode Two

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At Opus Creative, we aren’t afraid to admit that we have the occasional geek tendencies towards the world of pop culture. Unless you have been living under a rock for the past month, you will have no doubt heard about a little movie being released on December 17th called ‘Star Wars – the Force Awakens’. To celebrate the release of the new Star Wars, we designed some posters and are offering all our readers a free download of each poster. Starting from the suspect prequels, we are giving you a free download of one poster from each of the six previous movies over the next week and a half.

We are also giving all our readers a sworn promise that none of these illustrations will contain Jar Jar Binks. Today’s free poster covers perhaps the worst title of all six episodes, Attack of the Clones. Click on the button below to download your Free Star Wars Poster – Episode Two.

Free Star Wars Poster - Episode Two

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These posters are not for resale and are strictly for personal use only. For any more information regarding the ‘Free Star Wars Poster – Episode Two’ or to avail of our services call Opus Creative on +353 (21) 242 8689 or email us on


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