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Since August 2015, the good folk at Opus Creative have written over sixty articles. In the space of seven months that is an average of just over eight and a half articles a month. The purpose of these entries has been to inform and educate our readers on the various aspects of design that might seem like ominous or boring subjects. We have covered everything from logo design to branding, graphic design to web design, marketing to web development and we even threw in a couple of articles that made the design geek inside us give a rye chuckle.

The response from our audience to these blog entries has been fantastic. Our articles have helped out fellow businesses across the globe through the magic of Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and our website. Our obsession with producing a consistent stream of quality content for anyone armed with a sense of design curiosity and the internet have allowed us make a lot of wonderful connections globally. In turn we have acquired quite a nice collection of quality clients that help pay the bills.

Ask Opus Creative

As a way of thanking you for your continued support and helping fellow professionals out with valuable marketing advice for the online and printed mediums we have come up with our Ask Opus Creative initiative. Quite simply we are extending an invitation to all our readers to get in contact regarding any design questions that they need answered.

We invite people to email, tweet using the hashtag #AskOpusCreative or comment on any of our social media posts.

What design related questions do you want answered?


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